Jack Link’s

Jack Link’s Gets Ready with New Red Floor Finish

The global meat snacks producer Jack Link’s has upgraded its state-of-the-art factory near Auckland with a high performance, ultra-hygienic floor finish from Flowcrete.

The large-scale beef jerky manufacturer knew that it needed to refurbish the floor in its HACCP food safety programme compliant plant when the finish started to deteriorate and become slippery and dirty.

The new floor would have to maintain a clean, safe and on-brand surface in the face of the site’s intensive operational activity - which would subject the finish to impacts, corrosive substances, point loading, frequent cleaning and more.

To achieve a floor area that was up to the task at hand, 350 m2 of Flowcrete’s robust, antibacterial enhanced and HACCP International certified polyurethane system Flowfresh SR was installed throughout the meat processing area.   

To ensure that the new floor would survive, the chosen system would have to withstand the high alkaline cleaner used onsite, which has a pH of 10.5. Flowfresh SR was therefore ideal, as its chemical resistant formulation means that it is not adversely affected by the cleaning substances, steam cleaning or wear inherent to industrial standard cleaning.

The seamless, impervious nature of Flowfresh SR is ideal for the food and beverage industry, as it ensures that no dirt or contaminants can get trapped in hard to clean gaps. The antibacterial additive Polygiene® is also incorporated into every Flowfresh system, which enables the floor to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in contact with it. In addition to these sanitation benefits, Jack Link’s floor area was completed with a gloss sealer to make the finish as easy to clean as possible.

The coating was supplied in Tile Red so that the production area would reflect Jack Link’s brand identity. Thanks to Flowfresh SR’s durability, it will maintain its functional, hygienic and also aesthetic properties for an extended period of time.

Being an area subject to regular cleaning as well as potential liquid spillages, it was important that the floor would promote a safe, slip resistant environment. A combination of sand and Bauxite was added to create a positively textured, anti-slip surface.

Project Details

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